Edmundson on the uses of a liberal education

At a time of rank economic anxiety, the English and history majors have to contend for students against the more success-insuring branches, such as the sciences and the commerce school. A college financial officer recently put matters to me in concise, if slightly melodramatic, terms: When they get here, flattery and nonstop entertainment are available, if that's what they want.

To get the discussion moving, they usually require a joke, an anecdote, an off-the-wall question -- When you were a kid, were your Halloween getups ego costumes, id costumes, or superego costumes?

Ask her what her views are on Shakespeare's genius and she's likely to begin questioning the term along with the whole "discourse of evaluation.

Universities have changed much of their focus from investing in educational resources like books and computers to instead heavily investing in the newest dorms, gyms, fitness centers, and other facilities.

On the Uses of a Liberal Education

Today they write their assessments of the course, their assessments of me, and they are without a doubt wide-awake. So after the baby boomers had passed through -- like a fat meal digested by a boa constrictor -- the colleges turned to energetic promotional strategies to fill the empty chairs.

At times it appears that the purpose of his education is just to entertain him. What students and their parents wanted had to be taken more and more into account. However, Edmundson showed the audience where he was coming from.

They are almost unfailingly polite. At the end of each of his paragraphs you can generally find a sentence that would summarize his main point of the paragraph, which all work together to support the thesis of the entire essay.

An air of caution and deference is everywhere. The specter of the uncool creates a subtle tyranny. Then they will go purchase something that they really want to buy, maybe an easier class or a funnier teacher.

To some professors, the solution lies in the movement called cultural studies. And we can owe this expansion in many ways to the student culture.

The class meets twice a week, late in the afternoon, and the clientele, about fifty undergraduates, tends to drag in and slump, looking disconsolate and a little lost, waiting for a jump start. This point came home to me a few weeks ago when I was wandering across the university grounds.

If the marketing surveys say that the kids require sports centers, then, trustees willing, they shall have them. Pop culture has created a perfect, utopian world vision for students, who are now so concerned with their consummate personalities they lack the courage to challenge conventional thought, afraid of being debunked.

A happy consumer is, by definition, one with multiple options, one who can always have what he wants. How do we send our students out into the world? They're aware of the fact that a drop that looks more and more like one wall of the Grand Canyon separates the top economic tenth from the rest of the population.

On the Uses of a Liberal Education

By continuing to notice and praise genius, we create a culture in which the kind of poetic gamble that Whitman made -- a gamble in which failure would have entailed rank humiliation, depression, maybe suicide -- still takes place.

It is understandable why some may think that Edmundson came off overly critical in his article. Occasionally a professor will try to explain away this intellectual timidity by describing the students as perpetrators of postmodern irony, a highly sophisticated mode.

Students can also float in and out of classes during the first two weeks of each term without making any commitment.

I think his largest appeal to ethos is through his choice of words. It's likely that I'll be commended for being "interesting" and I am commended, many times overthat I'll be cited for my relaxed and tolerant ways that happens, toothat my sense of humor and capacity to connect the arcana of the subject matter with current culture will come in for some praise yup.

One friend describes it as rebound teaching: Oscar was cheerful funny, confident, strange.

Naturally, a cool youth culture is a marketing bonanza for producers of the right products, who do all they can to enlarge that culture and keep it grinding.

We can seek vital options in any number of places. The multiple choices students have today in college have made the university a facile learning environment, resulting in complacent students. He hopes students gain the courage to follow their passions for education.

We are not willing to ask the questions that matter.Feb 24,  · In “On the Uses of Liberal Education” Mark Edmundson, PhD from the University of Virginia, claims that students have lost their passion for learning. Edmundson says that consumerism is the reason why that spark for learning has disappeared.

Students have become consumers of. Tackett 1 Holly Tackett English September 26, On the Uses of a Liberal Education: As Lite Entertainment for Bored College Students; Summary: Revised Edition In “On the Uses of a Liberal Education: As Lite Entertainment for Bored College Students”, author Mark Edmundson is receiving his evaluation from his Freud class.

%(9). He was awarded a National Humanities Medal in This story, part two of a package titled “On the Uses of a Liberal Education,” ran in the September issue of Harper’s. 3. Evaluate Edmundson's view on students priorities when searching for colleges.

In your opinion, are luxuries a college provides a large contributor to the final decision? Why or why not? Students, teachers, and others involved in the education system. Feb 24,  · In “On the Uses of Liberal Education” Mark Edmundson, PhD from the University of Virginia, claims that students have lost their passion for learning.

Edmundson says that consumerism is the reason why that spark for.

On The Uses Of A Liberal Education: As “Lite Entertainment for Bored College Students”

Feb 18,  · Mark Edmundson’s essay, “On the Uses of a Liberal Education,” was published in Harpers magazine, which has a wide audience. This essay specifically targets those who have some relation with universities, whether it is students, students’ parents, or faculty.

Edmundson on the uses of a liberal education
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