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Paternal filicide at this age is uncommon. Though psychotic mothers may have less warning about filicide, psychiatrists can ask about hallucinations or delusional thoughts regarding the children. Infanticide commonly applies to the murder of a child under the age of one year by his or her parent s.

Infanticide An American macro-level study of infanticide victims in the first year of life found increased rates with economic stress Part of the excellent Greenwood Press Children and Youth: An example of this would be following a cultural or religious paradigm shift notably the re-interpretation of pagan mythology following Christianization.

Raghunandan VN, et al.

An Overview of Filicide

Another common reason why parents kill their children is because, due to cultural reasons, they no longer want the child. This resulted in the deaths of both the princess and the king, Creonwhen he went to save his daughter.

Messenger Helen McCrory as Medea. Filicide has a presence in literature from all eras. Other, non-literary traditions guided the vase-painters, [17] and a localized, chthonic presence of Medea was propitiated with unrecorded emotional overtones at Corinth, at the sanctuary devoted to her slain children, [18] or locally venerated elsewhere as a foundress of cities.

Truly, there is no doubt that Tracy Latimer was in considerable pain. Once the case rose to the public eye, it gained an enormous amount of legal controversy and public debate. Significant life stresses were often noted.

This behavior most often occurs after learning of spousal infidelity or in the course of child custody disputes. Child murder by parents: Furthermore, animals also are known for killing their offspring. Medea then continued her revenge, murdering two of her children herself.

Prior to the incident, Yates was suffering from severe postpartum depression and psychosis. The resulting work may expressly refer to a mythological background without itself becoming part of a body of myths Cupid and Psyche.

Filicide cases in Turkey, Dec 05,  · Bishop John Atherton, buggerer. December 5th, Headsman. On this date inJohn Atherton achieved the unenviable distinction of being the only Anglican bishop hanged for buggery.* (His proctor, and alleged lover, John Childe, got the same treatment a few months later.).

Filicide is a very sensitive issue and is difficult for most to have an open discussion about the subject.

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Past studies include Putkonen et al. (), and their research on filicide in Austria and Finland.

Helen McCrory as Medea. Richard Hubert Smith/National Theatre. A new production of Medea recently opened at London’s National Theatre to critical is a Medea definitively set in the. The tragedy of maternal filicide, or child murder by mothers, has occurred throughout history and throughout the world.

This review of the research literature sought to identify common predictors in the general population as well. Read this essay on Maternal Depression and Filicide.

Child murder by mothers: patterns and prevention

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Essays on filicide
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