How to write a multi step income statement

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Understanding the Income Statement

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What is a Multi-Step Income Statement?

You have successfully activated online banking. Go to the "Lists" menu and click Chart of Accounts to review your QuickBooks Chart of Accounts; make sure you have the following accounts: QuickBooks allows you to setup a maximum of payroll schedules.How to Write an Income Statement.

An income statement is a key financial document in business.

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It shows the profitability of a company over a specific period of time. The following guide shows you how to prepare a simple multi-step income.

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An income statement can be maintained in two types, multi-step statement and single step statement. The single-step income statement shows the total revenue and total expenditure of the company, whereas, the multi-step statement maintains a separate account of operational revenue and operational expenditure from non-operating.

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How to write a multi step income statement
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