Research paper on international financial reporting standards

We can therefore be convinced in the use of IFRS in the banking industries. Most of the accounting guidelines are forced by conditions, it is very important for a unit to select the best depreciating technique that replicate on the outline in which it is hoping to progress in the future.

Fair value is the connection linking the prospect contract on a market and the actual value on a catalog; it is one of the primary focuses in public debates. This is said to lead to higher earnings in the beginning and lower earnings at the end which aggravates the fluctuations of the banks incomes.

Their reports are created by a very accurate survey that monitors and ensures that no mistakes are made in the process. The most important step when making the transition to IFRS is the selection of bookkeeping guidelines. The bank has since been using IFRS reporting because they proved to be logic and beneficial to them.

Most firms have domestic IPOs first before they cross list and the average time between the IPO and the cross -listings is three years.

International Financial Reporting Standards: an Analysis from Deutsche Bank

IFRS 7 is different with the IAS 30 in that it is not a bank regulation but it only applies to all its units that use the monetary instruments. The fact that Deutsche Bank does not apply carve out related to hedge accounting in AIS, which is helpful for the financial reports for year ending after November.

Way before the adoption of IFS in Europe the then reporting regime local GAAP rules permitted banks to predict the losses they expected to incur due to prospect dealings.

While, creative accounting is still regarded as being legal and acceptable, it is most often used for financial manipulations. Therefore, the present situation and available quarterly information may indicate that management is quite a bit off track, inducing them to control the reported cash flows and earnings; Generally, initial financial benchmark is set by the board of directors and executive management, which afterwards may pressurize responsible employees to be in line with already prescribed targets and company goals.

The above analysis leads us to think that the overseas investors do not get the pamphlet with fiscal statements in their own local GAAP during the IFRS phase. There has also been the case of country dominion; there is the fear from the different countries that fear that this idea of adopting the IFRS may deprive them of the financial powers they have in the countries.

The above analysis leads us to think that the overseas investors do not get the pamphlet with fiscal statements in their own local GAAP during the IFRS phase.

International Financial Reporting Standards: an Analysis from Deutsche Bank

There have been arguments as to why the forced IFRS adoption may not work to diminish the IPO under pricing or even increase the capital in foreign markets.

This is a clear indication of how beneficial the IFRS reporting are to the banking industries. All this conclusions support the fact that the effects of IFRS adoption are advantageous to firms that want to improve their financial targets.

The figures for revenue are not considered to be true until they get verified and legally accepted. This has however been checked into, and it also a fact that all the businesses universally are going for the IFRS which has always been giving accurate reports which are not in any way biased.

This supports the fact that there is an increase in the quality of reported fiscal information and this leads to the reduction in the irregularities among the contestants in the IPO process. These financial standards are set as a universal communications system for all the businesses; this makes it very easy for financial accounting of the companies to be understood throughout the globe.

The case divulges that IFRS can lead to openness when it comes to matters to do with fiscal reports. The consequential alterations were recognized very fast in retained earnings as from January The force adoption of IFRS by some specific banks in European Union shows a very big change when it comes to the acknowledgment and dimensions of credit loss stipulation.

It is vital for a unit to apply the existing edition of IFRS throughout all periods presented in its first set of IFRS pecuniary statements and also in its opening report of pecuniary position.

International Financial Reporting Standards - Research Paper Example

The last challenge that has been mentioned is the issue of understandability, it has been mentioned that some people do not understand the fiscal declarations and this has become very problematic.

IFRS to be precise is able to recognize a gained loss which is severe fast as compared to the loan loss provisions systems that existed before its implementation. It is very important for a first time IFRS adopter fiscal statements to be equivalent over time and also with the units that are already in application with IFRS.

It is also possible to adopt standards that are not yet mandatory to the first adopters but are encouraged. In general, most of the accounting practices are being considered to be conservative Investopedia, It very clearly known that an IPO offering does not involve listing on the unfamiliar supply exchanges is not required to prepare the prospectus that contains fiscal reports in the local GAAP of the foreign influence.

The IFRS management has not in any way taken into consideration the laws that have been set by the countries and this becomes a problem, they state that they are true and fair in the country bills but this is not well reflected in their deeds.

In other words, the earnings can be managed, in order to have enhanced performance ratios Felix O. This is the accounting standard which assumes all of the losses and expenses as they are revealed and incurred by a certain firm.Assume for now that you are against the adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards.

Please write an essay to support your assumption. Research Paper Examples - International Financial Reporting Standards: an Analysis from Deutsche Bank.

The International Accounting Standards Board (Board) today has published for public comment a Discussion Paper on how companies issuing financial instruments should classify them in their financial statements.

IAS 32 Financial Instruments: Presentation currently sets out how a company that issues. Download file to see previous pages Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards and efforts to converge United States GAAP and Global Standards will provide a framework for conformity of global financial reporting principles (Ernst & Young 15).

The international financial reporting standards will enhance the comparability of corporations internationally. ISRA RESEARCH For Later.

International Financial Reporting Standards - Research Paper Example

save. Related. Info. Embed. Share. Print. Whether the aim of financial reporting of IFIs should simply be to provide information to a wide range of users 2) Whether the financial reporting of IFIs should reflect their religious obligation.

International Financial Reporting Standards; Lease; Islamic. A Research Paper on IFRS and Its Implications.

International Financial Reporting Standards

Print Reference this. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional academic writers. International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) is a comprehensive, globally accepted set of accounting standards utilizing a.

Research paper on international financial reporting standards
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