Socioeconomic factors affecting child mortality health and social care essay

This holds also for psychological dependency. In those communities, some other alternative methods for calculating infant mortality rate are emerged, for example, popular death reporting and household survey.

A child conceived and born out of wedlock is generally unwanted both by the mother as well as society. It suggests that most people have the capacity for friendships if only given the opportunity. Without that special attachment between mother and infant the child would be unable to survive or achieve independence Buss, Warm people are those who have an optimistic outlook on life and people.

People are willing to give the normative correct responses to surveys, but hold private and subtler negative attitudes when it affects members of their own family.

List of Socio-Economic Factors

Political economic reasons have been seen to skew the infant mortality data in the past when governor Ceara devised his presidency campaign on reducing the infant mortality rate during his term in office.

Scientist have also discovered three causes within a model they created called, the contemporary triple risk model. Are there not times when opposites attract because in some ways we complement each other?

The mother may not be aware of the infection, or she may have an untreated pelvic inflammatory disease or sexually transmitted disease. Exchange among strangers and in close communal relationships Exchange relationships also exist between strangers or in functional relationships at work.

As economy rises, so do technological advances and thus, medical advances in access to clean water, health care facilities, education, and diet. However, on the other hand perhaps people write more about violets than hyacinths because they are liked more?

It is important that women of reproductive age adopt healthy behaviors in everyday life, such as taking folic acid, maintaining a healthy diet and weight, being physically active, avoiding tobacco use, and avoiding excessive alcohol and drug use.

The residents were asked to name their three closest friends. Participants had also been rated independently on physical attractiveness. Illegitimacy is also an important factor contributing to a high infant mortality rate. Page 59 Share Cite Suggested Citation: What about reciprocal liking?

By importing drugs from developed countries, the developing countries have been able to control such mass killers as typhoid, malaria, small pox, pneumonia, plague, etc. By means of computer technology, they managed to make composite faces of a number of persons or average facesand found that these were considered more attractive than different individual faces.

These include, not surprisingly, more relationship satisfaction. In all societies studied men are more promiscuous, and women exercise more care in selecting partners, especially for long term relationships Schmitt, In the western world these traditional gender roles are giving way to more equitable relations in society and in the family.

Although there are exceptions when we come to dislike people living next door the result of Festinger and colleagues is a very optimistic finding of social psychology.

Beautiful women tend to marry higher in social status Elder, Whether macrolevel mechanisms are important is another aspect worth studying. Even when presented to strangers, the infants showed preference for the attractive face, and were more content to play and interact with the attractive stranger.

It is no wonder then that theories of interpersonal attraction emphasize qualities important in the market place: Why is it rewarding to be with people who are similar? Factors Affecting and Causes of Decline Article shared by: Later in life secure people develop more satisfying relationships.

Studies have also demonstrated direct effects in the workplace. But are we not also told that opposites attract? Exchange relationships tend to be more temporary and the partners feel less responsibility toward one another compared to more intimate relationships.

Perhaps you have friends that have rewarding relationships or rich partners.A variety of factors affecting infant mortality are customarily classified as biological and socio-economic or environmental factors, though these two categories should not be treated as watertight compartments, for there is a great deal of interaction between the two.

Dec 07,  · Black women are three times more likely to die from complications of childbirth than white women in the U.S. Racism, and the stress it causes, can play a leading role in that disparity. Other factors responsible for low mortality rates in developed countries have been cleanliness of person and home, hygienic surroundings, pollution control, social security measures, balanced food, health consciousness, etc.

Social Determinants of Health: How Social and Economic Factors Affect Health 3 While the previous scenario is fictional, unfortunately it is all too plausible. The U.S., despite spending far more on medical care than any other country in the world, has poorer health outcomes than most other de.

Infant mortality

Aug 16,  · The infant mortality rate (IMR) is an indicator of child health as well as of population health. Socio-economic factors affecting the health of the population (such as economic development, general living conditions and social wellbeing) have an impact on the IMR [ 2, 3 ].

Oct 19,  · The objectives of the Maternal, Infant, and Child Health topic area address a wide range of conditions, health behaviors, and health systems indicators that affect the health, wellness, and quality of life of women, children, and families.

Socioeconomic factors affecting child mortality health and social care essay
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