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Context The context is the event, circumstance, or background of the problem you are solving. If the recent momentum behind annual gains in energy efficiency is to be maintained and extended,governments need to make it an explicit goal of their policies for energy pricing to consumers, prices needed to encourage the adoption of energy-saving measures may be achieved through several means.

The planetary ecosystem could not stand this, especially if the increases were based on non-renewable fossil fuels. The whole notion of security as traditionally understood in terms of political and military threats to national sovereignty - must be expanded to include the growing impacts of environmental stress - locally, nationally, regionally, and globally.

Because my advice comes in the form of a memo, you can use this document as a model for writing your own memos. Our human world of 5 billion must make room in a finite environment for another human world.

Any new era of economic growth must therefore be less energy intensive than growth in the past. Different countries world-wide take up different positions on the use of nuclear energy.

Poverty is a major cause and effect of global environmental problems. Hiring a new landscaper for the office is probably not crucial to your sales staff, but reporting a large order from a new client will be notable to all.

Impoverishing the local resource base can impoverish wider areas: Therefore, the cost of conservation will rise - directly and in terms of opportunities for development foregone. Knowledge shared globally would assure greater mutual understanding and create greater willingness to share global resources equitably.

This suggests that the developing world must, over the next few years, increase by 65 per cent its capacity to produce and manage its urban infrastructure, services, and shelter merely to maintain today's often extremely inadequate conditions.

Tribal and indigenous peoples will need special attention as the forces of economic development disrupt their traditional life-styles - life-styles that can offer modern societies many lessons in the management of resources in complex forest, mountain, and dryland ecosystems. We act as we do because we can get away with it: Nonetheless, Meitner and Hahn did such good work that both were promoted to professors and awarded institutes.

Then the project manager or writer can formalize it. This material may not be published, reproduced, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without permission.

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Governments should investigate the prospect of agreeing to a 'Species Convention', similar in spirit and scope to other international conventions reflecting principles of 'universal resources'.

But this is not just a demographic issue; providing people with facilities and education that allow them to choose the size of their families is a way of assuring - especially for women - the basic human right of self-determination. And some of this surplus has been sent at concessional rates to the developing world, where it has undermined the farming policies of recipient nations.

Over only 65 years, the developing world's urban population has increased tenfold, from around million in to 1 billion today. By focussing on this single discovery, I believe that I can achieve the fourth crierion for a successful topic: The world manufactures seven times more goods today than it did as recently as If you do not already employ such a person, consider outsourcing the project.

House of Representatives Kirk as a Congressman. Current arrangements for commodities could be significantly improved: We see instead the possibility for a new era of economic growth, one that must be based on policies that sustain and expand the environmental resource base.

Therefore, I close with my bottom line about writing memos for your classes: The discussion in the Commission also reflected these different views and positions.

Congratulations, all correct!

While economic growth has continued, the consumption of raw materials has held steady or even declined, and new technologies offer further efficiencies. The recent crisis in Africa best and most tragically illustrates the ways in which economics and ecology can interact destructively and trip into disaster.

Thus 'sustainable development' becomes a goal not just for the 'developing' nations, but for industrial ones as well. A Life in Physics by Ruth Sime. There is an urgent need for tighter controls over the export of hazardous industrial and agricultural chemicals. The existence of such agencies gave many governments and their citizens the false impression that these bodies were by themselves able to protect and enhance the environmental resource base.Dec 10,  · How to Write a Positioning Statement.

Examples of How to Write a Memo to Employees

In this Article: Article Summary Understanding the Purpose of a Positioning Statement Creating a Positioning Statement Sample Positioning Statements Community Q&A The organization you work for is gearing up to launch a new product or program, or to enter into a new market.

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This was a time when America needed a new kind of agency to protect and defend against rampant crime; a brief history about how and why the FBI was formed. The letter to Nunes is basically the same type of letter that an abuser whose long term victim has finally had enough, left him, and filled for divorce with a good lawyer behind her would write.

Write a memo example activity
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